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Christian Dream Interpretation tornado


Tornadoes: Depending on the context of the dream, tornadoes can mean many different things. They can symbolize trials or trouble coming, or something that you are already going through. Sometimes depending on the dream, they can mean judgment, or a warning from God. They can also symbolize the presence of God (depending on the dream (like for instance, one time I had a dream of different rainbow colored tornadoes. And these tornadoes went after my enemy! It was so neat to see! Also, many times dreams of tornadoes can warn of how the demonic realm (satan) will try to attack in a season coming ahead in your life. So again, this would be a warning from God to know ahead of time. Also, dreams of storms (or hurricanes) can also many times mean the same thing. (For more learning about these types of dreams (particularly tornado dreams, then click here)

(Tornadoes, especially if you see a whole lot of them everywhere, can symbolize the last days also.) 

Biblical proof of dream symbol Tornado: 

Job 27:20, Job 38:1, Ezekiel 38:9, Hosea 8:7, Isaiah 66:15, Psalm 1:27, Jeremiah 23:19, Nahum 1:3

Christian Dream Interpretation house

DREAMS OF HOUSES (different rooms):

Basements: Hidden issues. The soul realm. Can be symbolic for depression.

Roof: Spiritual protection.

Foundations: The spiritual foundation.

Bathroom: Spiritual cleansing. Cleansing of sins. Repentance. (Especially if you see yourself in shower or washing hands. The toilet is to flush things from your life.)


Living room: Where everyday events happen. Life lived out.

Dining room: Where spiritual food is served. (For instance, like at church)

Kitchen: Serving in the ministry. Heart.

Bedroom: Intimacy. Privacy. Rest.

Carpet or Wooden floor: Same as foundation.



Snakes: Dreaming of snakes can many times represent the demonic realm (or the devil). 

Click here to even learn more about dreams of snakes

Christian Dream Interpretation car


Automobiles/Cars: Can represent your life, your ministry (your calling), or goals you are getting to.

To see yourself driving too fast or reckless: Can mean that you are out of control. You could be out of control spiritually, or emotionally and so on. This dream is a call to pray and get back where you need to be.

To drive backwards: Can mean looking back in the past, or if you are driving recklessly backwards than it is the same as above.

To see yourself wreck into someone: If it was your fault, then you have caused offense with someone somewhere in your life.

Christian Dream Interpretation airplane crash


Large Airplane crashes: Can symbolize a church split, or a large church issue coming. (The large plane is symbolic for a ministry or church itself since a church is supposed to be "on the move" and progressively getting somewhere like a journey, make sense?) It is all "symbolic."

Or, sometimes it can also mean a large personal trial coming, depending on the entire context (or theme of the dream).

Small personal plane crashing: Can mean a personal trial coming. (Maybe not as big though as the large plane crash. Which would "feel" larger and such.)

Christian Dream Interpretation airplane

Small personal plane: This can represent your personal ministry, or your personal life. Can also represent your calling and destiny and so on.  It will symbolize how you are "getting somewhere" in life and progessivly "moving." There is "movement" in your life and such (which is a good thing). 

Christian Dream Interpretation airplane

Small personal plane crashing: Can mean a personal trial coming.  A trial coming in your life, or with your personal ministry or ministry calling (or with your destiny and such).  

Flying too low: Can mean not moving enough with the Holy Spirit. Needing to be empowered more by God's spirit and presence. This type of dream is a call to get back into God's presence and make sure to stay more in tune with Him; and to stay closer to Him. 

Again, flying in an airplane can show how you are "progessively" getting somewhere with your calling, life, or with your minstry and such. That is why you do not want to see in a dream where it is "stuck" and not going anywhere. This would be symbolic of how you are not really getting anywere in your life and such (or with your ministry). You also do not want to see the airplane crash in the dream which is symbolizing some kind of issue or problem going on, or something that will happen in the future (it depends on the entire theme and context of the dream to know, okay). And in this case, you will need to pray to God about it (about seeing your small airplane crash in a dream).  
Christian Dream Interpretation baby


Baby: A baby can symbolize many things depending on the dream. They can mean innocence and purity. Can also mean a new idea, a new calling on your life, or a new ministry to start. It can represent a new beginning. Also to see baby strollers, baby swings, or baby car seats can be the same thing. Genesis 25:23 If you have a baby in real life it could represent themselves. 

Babies can also represent new baby Christians. 1 Corinthians 3:1, 1 Peter 2:2

To see yourself giving birth to a baby: This can mean giving birth to something new God has for your life (see above about babies)

Christian Dream Interpretation feet


Feet: This symbolizes your spiritual walk. Bare feet can mean that you are vulnerable and not protected. If something is stuck in your foot like a thorn, then something is hindering your spiritual walk.

Legs/Thighs: Can symbolize strength. 

Index Finger: If this finger is pointing at someone, this means you are being judgmental towards someone. 

Ring Finger: Covenant. 

Thumb: Authority. 

Hands: Serving, preparing. 

Back: To be shown, or to see something on someone’s back, this can symbolize something that is hidden or not in sight.

Teeth: To see teeth falling out, this can mean needing wisdom about something. 

Toothaches or tooth abscesses: Can mean there is an issue that needs to be dealt with or paid attention to in your life (just like with a real toothache!).

Tongue: Words spoken whether negative or positive.

Stomach: This is symbolic of what we take in.

Nose: Discernment, a nose that is stopped up, or has debris in it, means you are lacking discernment. A nose that is smelling in a dream means that you are using your discernment. A bloody nose is symbolic for strife. 

Eyes: The ability to see things clearly. Looking into the spirit realm. 

Ears: Attention to ears in a dream can represent the need to listen to a message, or to hear better.



Wedding dress: To see yourself in a white wedding dress, or trying one on, is symbolic of being the bride of Christ, and getting ready for His return.



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Christian Dream Interpretation school bus


School Bus: Can also represent a time of learning or training.

Can also represent a ministry (or your local church) or ministry work.  If you are the one driving the bus, then it can represent your personal ministry (especially if you are driving it, and people are in the bus with you)

Christian Dream Interpretation stairs

Can represent going "higher" in God.  Going up and higher and such.

Can also represent sometimes a promotion (or like a spiritual promotion) depending on the entire context of the dream.

Or, can also even mean receiving "revelation" from God. Just like how Moses climbed Mount Sinai (a mountain) to receive revelation from God for himself, and for others. 
Christian Dream Interpretation roach, roaches

Many times can be symbolic for the demonic realm (or an underlying issue or problem since roaches like to "hide" and try not to be seen and so on.)
Christian Dream Interpretation drowning


Drowning: Being overcome by something.  

Being overcome by a problem, or a large problem. Also, the problem could be anxiety, depression, or a large trial..etc. 

But keep holding on to God because He can help you! 

Christian Dream Interpretation knife


Someone is talking behind your back when you are not around.
(Ask God to help you with this dream and situation; and also be cautious of this person. Also pray that they will change too, so they will stop gossiping about you when you are not around! Make sure that you are not doing this also. And make sure not to hold a "grudge" towards them. Remember at some point to let it go and forgive. God bless and thanks!:))

Christian Dream Interpretation Book
Christian Dream Interpretation wedding dress
Christian Dream Interpretation

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Christian Dream Interpretation Book Amazon review
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