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Tornado’s: Depending on the context of the dream, tornado’s can mean many different things. They can symbolize trials or trouble coming, or something that you are already going through. They can mean judgment, or a warning from God. They can also symbolize the presence of God.

I have seen before four rainbow-colored tornadoes coming after my spiritual enemy in a dream before. This most definitely symbolized the power and presence of God.

Tornado’s, especially if you see a whole lot of them everywhere, can symbolize the last days also. 

Biblical proof of dream symbol Tornado: Job 27:20, Job 38:1, Ezekiel 38:9, Hosea 8:7, Isaiah 66:15, Psalm 1:27, Jeremiah 23:19, Nahum 1:3

DREAMS OF HOUSES (different rooms):

Attics: Thoughts, memories.

Basements: Hidden issues. The soul realm. Can be symbolic for depression.

Roof: Spiritual protection.

Foundations: The spiritual foundation.

Bathroom: Spiritual cleansing. Cleansing of sins. Repentance. (Especially if you see yourself in shower or washing hands. The toilet is to flush things from your life.)

Living room: Where everyday events happen. Life lived out.

Dining room: Where spiritual food is served.

Kitchen: Serving in the ministry. Heart.

Bedroom: Intimacy. Privacy. Rest.

Stairs: Moving upward in the things of God. Revelation knowledge. Can also mean Spiritual promotion if climbing steps.

Carpet or Wooden floor: Same as foundation.

Closet: Prayer.


Automobiles/Cars: Can represent your life, your ministry (your calling), or goals you are

getting to.

To see yourself driving too fast or reckless: Can mean that you are out of control. You could be out of control spiritually, or emotionally and so on. This dream is a call to pray and get back where you need to be.

To drive backwards: Can mean looking back in the past, or if you are driving recklessly backwards than it is the same as above.

To see yourself wreck into someone: If it was your fault, then you have caused offense with someone somewhere in your life.

If someone crashes into you: Then someone has offended you.

If you see dents from past crashes: This means there is offense somewhere in your life.

To see a water leak coming into your car: This can mean there is an opening in your protection. Ask God why is there an opening, because he is trying to get your attention on this.

To see your car getting worked on: God is working on your ministry, or in your life.


Airplanes: Can symbolize a large ministry you are a part of. Small airplanes can symbolize your personal life or ministry.

Large Airplane crashes: Can symbolize a church split. Or, it can mean a large personal trial coming.

Small personal plane crashing: Can mean a personal trial coming.

Flying too low: Can mean not moving enough with the Holy Spirit.


Baby: A baby can symbolize many things depending on the dream. They can mean innocence and purity. Can also mean a new idea, a new calling on your life, or a new ministry to start. It can represent a new beginning. Also to see baby strollers, baby swings, or baby car seats can be the same thing. Genesis 25:23 If you have a baby in real life it could represent themselves. 

Babies can also represent new baby Christians. 1 Corinthians 3:1, 1 Peter 2:2

To see yourself giving birth to a baby: This can mean giving birth to something new God has for your life (see above about babies)

Baby animals/ baby farm animals: To see yourself nurturing baby animals, for example like a baby chick, then this can represent you nurturing baby Christians. Or nurturing something brand new in your life. Matthew 23:27

Baby Bottle: Symbolic of feeding a baby Christian nourishment. Hebrews 5:13, 1 Peter 2:2


Feet: This symbolizes your spiritual walk. Bare feet can mean that you are vulnerable and not protected. If something is stuck in your foot like a thorn, then something is hindering your spiritual walk.

Legs/Thighs: Can symbolize strength. 

Index Finger: If this finger is pointing at someone, then this means you are being judgmental. 

Ring Finger: Covenant. 

Thumb: Authority. Hands: Serving, preparing. 

Back: To be shown or to see something on someone’s back, this can symbolize something that is hidden or not in sight.

Teeth: To see teeth falling out, this can mean needing wisdom about something. Toothaches or tooth abscesses can mean there is an issue that needs to be dealt with or paid attention to.

Tongue: Words spoken whether negative or positive.

Stomach: This is symbolic of what we take in.

Nose: Discernment, a nose that is stopped up or has debris in it, means you are lacking discernment. A nose that is smelling in a dream means that you are using your discernment.

Eyes: The ability to see things clearly, looking into the spirit realm.

Handicapped: To see someone in a dream handicapped means that they are spiritually handicapped. 

Ears: Attention to ears in a dream can represent the need to listen to a message, or to hear better.


2-  Unity, double

3-  The trinity, completeness, perfection

6-  Man’s number

7-  God’s number, perfection

8 – New beginnings

9 – Fruit of the spirit

10 –Tithe, 10 commandments

12 –Order, Governmental order

16- Double blessings


Purple: Royalty, authority, authoritative position.

Light Blue: Heavenly color. The Holy Spirit. Revelation. The word of God.

Scarlet Red: Red can mean the blood of Jesus. Atonement and cleansing from sin.

Red: Emotions, passion, anger, judgment, blood of Jesus. Can also mean sin.

Green: Represents life, growth, prosperity.

Neon colors: These colors are meant to bring attention to something.

Orange: Danger, warning, watch out. The Holy Spirit (Fire color of orange)

Skin color: Can be symbolic of fleshly desires. (depends on dream)

Yellow: Hope. A gift. Something of value. Illumination. Glory of God.

White: Purity, without blemish, without mixture.

Gold: Heavenly. Something of high value.

Silver: Wisdom, revelation, word of God.

Wedding dress: To see yourself in a white wedding dress or trying one on, is symbolic of being the bride of Christ, and getting ready for His return. If you are not putting on the dress then God is waking you up to get ready spiritually. If your wedding dress has spots on it then this is calling attention to sin in your life. Revelation 19:9, Matthew 22:11, Matthew 22:2 


Snakes: Snakes in dreams are never ever positive symbols. They always represent the dark world which is Satan’s kingdom. Satan was a snake in the garden of Eden when he lied to Eve. Snakes represent: lies, demons, Satan, darkness. Revelation 20:2, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Genesis 3:4

Spiders: Can represent demons. Also, they represent lies. Spiders spin webs to catch, so they will spin webs to lie to you and to catch you in their lies. They sometimes can represent an actual situation where you will encounter real spiders. I have seen this too before. Job 8:14, Isaiah 59:5


My name is Christie Beckley. I have been a heavy dreamer for many years now. I get both dreams and visions from God.  

With God's help, I have learned the skill of interpreting my dreams. You can learn the skill (this in the Bible) or have the gift (or have both gift and skill). 

See, God speaks in symbolic parables which is the way Jesus spoke a lot when He was on the earth. He taught with symbolic stories (parables) that had to be figured out, but all had a message to them. Symbolism is God’s favorite way of speaking. Just like how Jesus spoke to the people a lot with parables. 

So if you can figure out the parables in which God was speaking through Jesus, then you can also understand the skill of understanding what He is trying to speak to your dreams. It is very close to the same because parables are also very symbolic in nature. 

God wants us to study and show ourselves approved.  Using the Bible can greatly help you to understand your dreams.

Also, God uses symbolism with modern things such as Cell phones in our dreams (which is symbolic for our connection to God), also Automobiles (which is symbolic for our journey in life) and Airplanes (also symbolic of our journey) and so on. He does whatever He can to get His point across! God doesn't want us to put Him in a small box! He will speak the way He wants to speak to us so that we will hear Him clearly. 

This book I have written is based on Biblical Dream Interpretation. Much of this you will find in the Bible!

Most of the Bible speaks of dreams as being the main way that God speaks to people. 

Understand how God speaks in dreams! 

This book is a must if you want to unlock your dreams!

In-depth teaching on the many types of dreams that God gives, all in this book!

Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God
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