Author of: Dreams and Visions,
Unlocking the Languange of God

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 Christian Dream Interpretation
Christian Dream Interpretation Book

& Christian Dream Interpretation

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Speaker: Christie Beckley 
Author of:  "Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God"

Biblical Dream Interpretation

(The dream workshop usually lasts around 4- 5 hours, and can be done on a Friday or Saturday during the day or in the evening.)

1st Session:

1. Christie's testimony with dreams. (The author and speaker)

2. The difference between the skill of interpreting (this is where you understand the patterns in which God speaks in dreams), and the gift of interpreting (this is where God will go ahead and just give you the meaning right away) 

Side Note: Daniel in the Bible had both skill and gift. I will prove this Biblically!
Jacob and Joseph had both skill and gift also more than likely! Again, I will show this to the group and teach on it to bring understanding! 

3. Different types of dreams God gives. 

4. Discernment with dreams. (Was your dream from God or the devil?)

5. Dream symbol meanings. 

6. Six examples of dreams that have already been interpreted. (To learn from)

(Break for 20 minutes)

2nd Session:

1. Hands on training with dream interpreting. 
(Christie helps with some hands on training. Don't miss out on this!)

2. Christie will help with ten or more dreams from the audience.
(If running out of time, Christie will help with around five or six dreams only)

(Break for 10 minutes) 

3rd Session:

1. Question and Answer session. (This session is usually also a favorite! So don't miss out on this one either!)

This is a great opportunity to better understand your dreams! So don't delay and book a "Dream Workshop" for your church, or ministry group today! 

How To Hear God's Voice 

1st Session:

1. What the Bible says about hearing God's voice.
2. The different ways that God speaks.
3.  How to hear His voice.
4.  Reasons you may not be hearing God.
5.  Discernment with what you are hearing.
6. Write down your revelations, & the importance of it.

2nd Session:

1. Hands on Training with Discernment
2. Questionaire about hearing God's voice

3rd Session:

1. Question and answer session. 
2. Prayer of activation to hear God's voice. 

Spiritual Warfare Workshop

1st Session

1.  Scriptures on Spiritual Warfare.
2.  How to be effective at against the devil.
3.  Don't let your guard down.
6.  Spiritual Warfare Weapons needed.
7.  Teaching on Deception

2nd Session:

1. Combating the demonic realm with the Word of God.  Worksheet to fill out.
2.  Spiritual Warfare Questionnaire.

3rd Session:

1. Question and Answer session on Spiritual Warfare.


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