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Prophetic Words From The Lord! 

God, even in these times, STILL speaks to His people (and His bride) to lead, guide, and protect her.  
Please read these prophetic words from the Lord that He has given me (or words that He has given others) to share to others. (Sometimes some of these words from the Lord are words that the Lord has given me for my personal life, but many times you can still take something from it (and learn more about God and who He is, and how He speaks and so on. I believe that you will really still enjoy it from time to time!)  
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions. God bless! 

New Prophetic words will be added every month! Make sure you check back soon! 

A Prophetic and Encouraging Word about 

Billy Graham (and his death)!

(This is what I had posted on Facebook, the day that Billy Graham had passed away! Please read and enjoy!)

February 21, 2018

Billy Graham died today! 😮

I have always felt through the years that when Billy Graham goes and passes it would be the marking of something; of something new that is to come! Like a shifting of some sort! "A shifting of the guard." A shifting similar to what happened with Moses and Joshua also (how when Moses passed away, Joshua took over and basically kind of took his place. (It was a generation thing also!)

I always knew somehow that one day it would be big when it DID HAPPEN! And so it happened.

But I feel God has been a part of showing me that it would be a big deal.

I cannot believe he actually died today! (This is kind of like a big deal!)That is crazy!

He was 99 when he died. He greatly impacted the world in such a BIG, BIG way! (Millions came to Jesus because of his ministry!) 

(And don’t forget we just had the blood super blue moon just like 3 weeks ago! That was a big sign also! (I believe this is a part of all that too (with Billy Graham passing away).

God told me that super blood blue moon was symbolic of what is to come!
(I wrote about this in another post).  It was symbolic of new things to come (and also symbolic for what will come with the tribulation period also.)

So anyways, God showed me that this is all BIG in some ways (with Billy Graham passing)!
And that He is wanting people to know that He is getting ready to do something BIG and that is why He took Billy Graham home so that the world would know! And that it would be also a type of "sign" to those watching and waiting for what is to come! Wow! That makes sense!

That is what I have been sensing for so many years about his future passing (Billy Graham's). (Just know that we are living in those times.. the times of nearing the end. You see it all the time on the news. The evidence!!

They didn’t have these mass shootings and mass "school shootings" back in the old days (like in the 50’s and 60’s and such. Make sense?)

What is happening on earth has been slowy been getting worse in general (and this was ALL already predicted to come to pass in the Bible for these times).

But anyways, know that in the midst of this, God does have a BIG plan, and so revival will also come, so He can take as MANY as He can home with Him, when it is time here soon one day! 

I hope this blessed you! Amen and God bless you!

Christie ❤️

A Word about getting closer to God,
 and really getting to know Him!

(This is also a word I posted on Facebook not too long ago for God's body and people! 
Please read and enjoy!)

October 17, 2017

A word from the Lord:

"The Lord wants many of you to know that He loves you and that He wants you to know Him more and seek Him out. 

He wants you to know that there are many who read, or watch my posts on Facebook, but many do not really know Him like they should!

He wants you to know Him!

He wants you to know Him and not just religion. He wants you to get in the quiet place with Him and really get to know Him on a DAILY basis!

He wants you to KNOW Him because religion does not get you to Heaven, a relationship with Him does!

God wants you to know that Religion will NOT get you to Heaven... but a relationship with Him does! Okay!
And also start making sure you read your Bibles more. He wanted me to tell you that also!

Reading your Bible more will also help you to get to Heaven! Okay! :)

Again, God wants you to know that He loves you all, but many of you all needed to hear this. And also you wanted to hear it He said!

He said that many of you needed to hear it and have been wanting to hear it. Okay" 

God bless you guys! 
- Christie

A Word from God about Petitioning God for a Miracle!

From God: ❤️ 

January 3rd, 2018

(This was posted on Facebook a while back. I believe you will enjoy it.)

Thanks and God bless! - Christie

A word from the Lord

"Those who are waiting on a miracle, come to God, come to Him!

He said that He wants you to come to Him tonight and ask of Him, and petition Him for your miracle, for what you are waiting on. Okay! He wants you to ask of Him, and seek Him out tonight. Okay! He also wants you to know that many of you will hear from Him tonight if you come to Him and ask of Him!"


God bless!

P.S. God wanted many of you to hear that tonight! Okay! 

(It is for some people who read this) Again God bless! :)