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School of the Prophetic
Understanding Your Dreams & Visions

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Teaching Videos


  Learn How To Hear God's          Voice (Dvd or Video Download!)

              In this video, you will learn:

1. The different ways in which God speaks. I expound upon on each different way He will speak to you! 

2. My testimony with Hearing God, and how I started hearing God speak! 

3. You will learn a lot about dreams! This is one of the biggest ways that God speaks!

4. You will learn about having discernment. 

Video is about 15 minutes long (but has much valuable teaching even in those 15 minutes!)

You will learn much from this video! 

"How To Hear God's Voice"
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only $3.00!!

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"How To Hear God's Voice" Dvd
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Prophetic Training Videos
(Dvd or Video Download!)

With these video sessions, you will learn the following:

1. Hearing God's Voice
2. The difference between the Office of a Prophet, and the Gift of  Prophecy
3. How to accuratley prophesy  all the time. (Stay in right standing with God)
4. Speaking life 
 5. How to help others (or yourself) out of bondage from Satan.
 6. Understanding on how some people become false prophets. 
7. And much more! 

"Prophetic Training" 

Video Download is only $4.00!!

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"Prophetic Training" Dvd
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Dreams - Questions and Answer Sessions!
(Dvd, or video download)

Info on this Dvd and video download:

-Some questions about dreams answered!

Learn about these symbols that are in dreams:

Teeth falling out, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Wolves, Leopards, Alligators, T-Rex dinosuars, Owls,  Powerlines, Cats, Snakes, Spiders, Having a baby, Riding a horse, Baby chics, Taking a shower, Rain, Shoes, Roaches, Infected toe, Pools, Water, Polluted water

                                                                          - Understanding on dreams with Automobiles (Flat tires,                                                                                           running out of gas)

                                                                           -Understand dreams about ministry.
                                                                           -A talk about Nightmares and demonic attacks.
                                                                           -Understand more on dreams about trials coming in your life. 

                                                                          Don't Miss Out On This Great Video! 
"Dreams - Q & A Sessions"
Video Download is only $4.00!! 

(Video will come to your email as a download)

"Dreams - Q & A Sessions"
Dvd only $10.00 (+3.99 for shipping)

Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare (coming soon!)