Author of: Dreams and Visions,
Unlocking the Language of God 
Christian dream interpretation

Christian Dream Interpretation

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2017 Dream Conference Registration page

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Conference Information:

Author and speaker Christie Beckley will be teaching on how to better understand your dreams from God.

 Conferences over the next 6-months will be held at: 

Louisville, Ky -
April 2017

Nashville, Tn - May 2017
Indianapolis, In -
June 2017

Cincinatti, Oh - July 2017

Cleveland, Oh - August 2017

New York, NY - September 2017


Conference Schedule:

1st Session:

1. Christie's testimony with dreams. 
2. Different types of dreams God gives. 
3. Discernment with dreams.(Is the dream from God or the devil?)
4. Dream symbol meanings. 
5. Six examples of dreams that have been interpreted. 

(Break for 20 minutes)

2nd Session:

1. Hands on training with dream interpreting. 
2. Christie will help with 10 or more dreams from the audience. 

(Break for 10 minutes) 

3rd Session:

1. Question and Answer session.

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