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You Now Have a "VIP pass" into the

"Prophetic" Training modules!

Learn more about how God is speaking in your dreams at night all along! (And also how to hear God's voice More in your life!)

1. Learn how to understand your dreams more from God at night!
2. Start to recognize that you have been hearing from God all along and did not even realize it! (We help with that! I can help!)
3. Learn how to start hearing God more on daily basis in your life! (And also how God is wanting you to hear  Him speak, and He also longs for you to get even closer to Him! Okay!

4. Learn also much in the area of operating in the "Prophetic" and also in the "Supernatural"! Okay!

Also, learn MUCH in the area of Spiritual Warfare (and the demonic realm).
Become MORE aware of their tricks, schemes, and the bondage they will try to put you into!

I pray that these "Training" Modules
will be a blessing to you!

So please enjoy, learn and grow much! The sky is the limit! 

Module #1 Hearing God's Voice!

Module #2  Q & A Session on Dreams!

Module #3 Q & A Session(2) on Dreams!

Module #4 "Prophetic Training

Module #5 Talk on Nightmares & More!

Module #6 Warfare & Dreams

God has been speaking.. have you been listening?

Module #7 Hearing God's Voice/Dreams


Module #8 Coffee with Christie

(This was the first episode; and you get a sneak peek! More to come soon!)
This first session & episode was recorded for my "Dream Workshop" facebook group. So enjoy!
Topics are on spiritual warfare & dreams, and also on "Don't be a people pleaser", or have an "Approval addiction!" 
Side note: (The topic on spiritual warfare & dreams is closer to the end of the video. Thanks! - Christie)

For EVEN more learning and training in the area of dreams from God, click here!

As a part of your "VIP Pass", submit two of your dreams (for help)!

Since you are a part of this secret "VIP" group from my website, get some help with a couple of your dreams by author, speaker, and prophetic Christie Beckley! Thank you, and I would be glad to help you! 

(Also, if you would  like, we could schedule a one on one chat through Facebook messenger also!) 
(Which ever works for you, and which ever you choose. Thanks and God bless!)

Here is my
contact info, so that you can get help with your dreams
 (and also receive some "mentoring" by me!)

1. Email: (my personal email) or,
2. Or text me at: #812-391-1490  (text only at this time please). Thank you! 

Or, you can also just
submit your dreams below to me, and I will get right back with you. Thanks! 
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