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Prophetic Coaching

Information on my Prophetic Coaching:

God has given me much wisdom and understanding and I can help you in many areas of your life!

I can help counsel & coach you in many areas of your life including:

- Your Finances
- Your Marriage
- Job situations
- Your calling on your life
- Your destiny
- How to hear God better in your life
- Questions about spiritual warfare and the demonic realm
- And so much more!

The prophetic coaching session will be for 1 hour.

All I am asking is for a donation of $40.00 for my time to help coach you. This donation also helps support my ministry work.

I will also hear the word of the Lord for you!

I am a minister and prophet of the Lord and I can help you in many areas of your life!

If interested, please put your name below! 

Again... if you are interested in being coached by me, then please donate $40.00

Thanks and God bless you! 
Christie Beckley​