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Online Prophetic Class:

What you will be taught in these classes:

The First Session

1. How to Hear God's voice.

2. The Different Ways that God Speaks.

3. Practice Hearing God's Voice. 

4. How to Stay in Constant Communication With God

5. The Different Types of Dreams God Gives. 

6. Nightmares/ and is Your Dream from God or the Devil?

7. Using Discernment with Your Dreams, and the Revelations You Receive. 

8. Question & Answer Session. ( I will answer your questions that you have)

The Second Session:

1. How to Prophesy.

2. The Difference between The Office of a Prophet, and Only Having the Gift of Prophecy. 

   (There is a difference)

3. What the Bible says about The Spiritual Gift to Prophesy. 

4. How To Prophesy Accuratley Every Time! 

5. More Teaching on Understanding Your Dreams. 

6. Dream Symbolism Taught on. 

7. Question and Answer Session.

Question: Where is this class held?

Answer: These classes are available over Facebook Messenger, and we will be one on one with me teaching you! 

Question: How long is the class?

Answer: The class is for 1 hour & 30 minutes!!

Great opportunity to learn much: 

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!  You will LEARN so much!! 

When I have this class with people, it goes VERY well and they love it!! Don't miss out on this! 

Each Session is $50.00   

You can do both Sessions, or just pick one! 


Prophetic Class Session #1 - Ebook!

The entire First Session of the Prophetic class & more! 

All in this ebook!!

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Prophetic Class Session #2 Ebook!

The entire First Session of the Prophetic class & more!

All in this ebook!!

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