Dreams And Visions!

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3. How to hear God in the car, at home, or even in a CROWD of people! (Yes, it can be done!)

4. How to listen for God consistently. 
5. How to hunger for more of God in your life, and to hunger for more of His voice in your life also! 
6. The different ways He speaks in dreams, and in visions! 
7. How God LONGS to connect with you more, and how He is WANTING you to hear His voice more in your        life also! 
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How To Hear God's Voice - Newsletter to Your House!

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"Dreams and Visions"
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Dreams and Visions! 


Receive EVERY month, to your home mailbox, lessons and articles on How to better understand your dreams or visions from God! 

Here are the topics that are covered: 

1. Understand that God is speaking to you in dreams at night
2. Better understand WHAT God is speaking to you at night in your dreams (and deepen your connection with God from your dreams at night!) He is speaking to you, so make sure you pay attention, and start listening to your dreams more! 
3. Learn many dream symbol meanings (and also certain type of dreams that God gives and what they mean). 
4. Learn more about visions from God! 
5. Hear stories, and testimonies from other people on what God showed them, or spoke to them! Get in the know! 

Dreams and Visions - Newsletter to Your House!

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- Newsletter to Your House!

This "Newsletter to Your House" 
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The Prophetic!

         (And the Watchmen on the Wall, Newsletter!)
(And the Prophetic Word of the Lord and 
what He is speaking right now for Today!)

Every month you will receive the following with this Newsletter to your house:

1. Words spoken by the Lord to His people, and to His church for this season of their lives as a whole!

2. Words of God spoken by me (Christie Beckley) and what I receive from the Lord. Words of God spoken ALSO from other people in His church body! 

3. Receive words of encouragement, and also receive words that are about current events such as Billy Graham's passing away, and what the Lord wanted to convey to His people about his passing (about Billy Graham's passing!) So receive many words that are similar to this even about current happenings or events in our world today! 
4. Recieve words of knowledge, encouragement, exhortation, and also words of guidance (or sometimes correction for his church body, so that they can be led down right paths, or down "better" paths than where they are going or currently going.)

Understand how God speaks in many different ways to help guide His people because He loves them so much, and He wants them to continue down paths that are good (and not bad). So hear and listen to God speak in ways to help bring "correction" to paths that may be wrong, or paths that are not good because sometimes people have been led astray. 
5. Many times God may give me a personal word JUST for you one month! So the word would be "tailored" JUST for you from God! So this would feel like an extra bonus for you! And God wants you to know that this may happen many times for you. Okay! That is what I heard him say for many of you that are reading this and that will receive this newsletter! 
6. God will show you many things from this Newsletter, so please make sure you sign up today!
7. I also TEACH in this newsletter since it is on the "Prophetic"! So you will receive teachings sometimes on "How To Hear God's Voice", or on "Understanding Dreams and Visions." And also sometimes on "Spiritual Warfare!" 

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Dreams and Visions - Newsletter to Your House!

Remember, it is ONLY $12.95!
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