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Unlocking the Language of God 
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Unlock Your Dreams Workshop 
Facebook Group!

Join my: "Unlock Your Dreams Workshop" Facebook Group

Here is what you will see in my Christian Dream Interpretation Facebook group:

1.  Dreams that have been already interpreted for other people, so that you can learn from them. 
2,  Dream Symbol meanings, such as "Tornado's, Snakes, Spiders, Flying, Drowning and much more! 
3.  I also  post teaching videos on dreams in the group. 

If you are truly hungry for learnging dream interpretation, then you will learn MUCH in this group! I guarantee this!

You willl have 24/7 access to this facebook group so that you can either read and learn all at once, or learn at your own pace. 

Also, many new things will be taught on a weekly basis so that you will learn more each week! 
Author and Conference speaker Christie Beckley will teach you how to understand your dreams from God!

Christie has much training and knowledge in the arena of dream interpretation and has written the book: "Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God".