Author of: Dreams and Visions,
Unlocking the Language of God 
Christian dream interpretation

School of the Prophetic
Understanding Your Dreams & Visions

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Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God 

Learn how God speaks in your dreams! 

This book is full of great information on how to unlock the language of God in your dreams. 

With this book you will have at your fingertips over 400 dream symbols from the dream symbol dictionary, all backed up by the bible! 

God's voice is in your dreams!  If you do not understand your dreams you could miss out on your destiny and calling that God has for you!

This is what you find in this book:

Chapter 1- Dream Introductory
Chapter 2- My Testimony With Dreams
Chapter 3- Using Godly Interpretation For Dreams Only
Chapter 4- Why Does God Use Symbolism?
Chapter 5- Journaling Your Dreams
Chapter 6- Nightmares
Chapter 7- Spiritual Warfare In Our Sleep
Chapter 8- Making Big Decisions
Chapter 9- What Can Stop Dreams From Coming?
Chapter10- Soul Realm Dreams
Chapter11- Visions
Chapter12- Other People In Our Dreams
Chapter13- Dreams and Visions Have Stipulations
Chapter14- Different Types of Dreams
Chapter15- Dream Examples
Chapter16- Dream Symbol Dictionary
Chapter17- Dreams God Has Given Me About America
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