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Biblical Dream Meaning of: School

(or seeing yourself at a school or others)


School: A time of learning from God, from the Holy Spirit.

To go higher in learning in your spiritual understanding.

Schools also sometimes will represent a church 

A church is somewhere you are supposed to grow and learn; just like how you do in school, so that is why many times you will see a school "representing" a church, or your local church in your dreams. Does this make sense?

(I see this many times in my dreams also when God is talking to me about a local church, especially if I sometimes see the people who go to my church, or another church also in the school building with me and such, okay. Make sense? (Actually I see this a lot! It's crazy!)

Some scriptures on teaching, preaching, and also about synagogues 
and schools:  Matthew 11:1 Acts 19:9, John 7:15