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Unlocking the Languange of God

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Coffee with Christie


Airing soon starting in March 2018 (on Monday Mornings!) So stay tuned soon!! 

topics talked about during "Coffee with Christie"

-Spiritual Warfare

(and how to better understand your dreams from God!)
-Hearing God's voice
-Hearing a new word from the Lord for this season, or for you!
-The trials and tribulations of life
-Building character (good & Godly character)

More topics we talk about during this program:

-Getting more in tune with God
-Hearing God for yourself on a daily basis
-Understanding your visions also (like dreams)
-Following the path that God has for you! (and destined for you!)
-Sometimes talks about Heaven & the Supernatural! 

Drink up a cup of  Heaven & the Supernatural! 
Many times on Monday mornings we will be talking (and going over) things about Heaven, or about the supernatural! Okay! :)