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Christian Dream Interpretation:




Shoes can many times symbolize your "preparedness." 

Shoes in the bible represent the gospel of peace.

Acts 12:8, Joshua 9:13, Matthew 3:11, Mark 6:9, Ezekiel 16:10

If you see yourself without shoes, it could mean you are not prepared spiritually like you need to be (that is depending on the dream).

And sometimes bare feet will point to issues going on in our lives sometimes like if there are sores, or wounds and such.  

But sometimes it can good or bad. It just really depends on the dream. And there is too much to explain here with all of that, but my book will greatly help you in many areas with all of this. 

Running shoes. A runner's shoes:

If you see yourself wearing running shoes, you are prepared and are in the “race”. Running the race that Paul talks about in the bible. "Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith " Hebrews 12:1

If you are trying on different shoes to find one that fits, then you may be going through a spiritual transition.

Side note: In this picture, the person's shoes are PINK. Many times in dreams the color pink will represent love! 
So, if someone saw this in a dream, then God would be speaking to them about their journey with love (or lack of it.. depending on the whole theme of the dream). And it also has something to do with our "love walk". 

Positive dreams about pink shoes:

But, for the most part, if you see yourself wearing pink shoes in a dream, then this is good and you are loving people like you should (and not holding grudges and such). 

Or, also, it is a call to START loving people more.  It will depend sometimes.

Ask the Lord if it is something you are doing well currently in, or if He is showing you that you need to start "walking" more in love and such (loving people well and better). 

An example of negative dreams about it:

A good example of a dream where God is showing you that you are not loving people enough is to say "no" to a pair shoes that are pink from someone.

Or, to also see yourself wearing pink shoes and you get them really dirty in mud puddles, or in something else. (This would be like a form of "tainting" your shoes, and maybe how you are loving people. It is all "symbolic".) Okay!


Red shoes SOMETIMES can represent that you are walking in a lot of "anger" many times.
Have you ever seen this in dream? Or, maybe have you seen yourself driving a red car in a dream?

On a more positive note, red sometimes can represent the blood of Jesus. (Or, that your walk with God is where it needs to be. Like you are in good standing with God and all of that). 

But, if your shoes are red, and you notice in your life that you normally do have a lot of anger problems lately, then it can represent anger. Especially if you see yourself in the dream getting mad a lot (in the dream). 

Red vehicles (and some other colors):

Seeing yourself drive a red car can mean the same thing. Especially, if in the dream you were driving reckless, out of control, or in an upset manner. 

Red can mean: Anger, passion, extreme emotion, rage, (and sometimes depending on the ENTIRE theme of the dream it can represent the blood of Jesus, which would be a more positive dream). 

Also, here are a few more colors to learn about that are in 
your dreams sometimes:

Purple: Royalty, authority, authoritative position.

Light blue: Heavenly color, the Holy Spirit, revelation, word of God.

Royal Blue: Royalty. Can also be depression if it is a really dark blue.

Scarlet Red: Red can mean the blood of Jesus. Atonement and cleansing from sin.

Red: Emotions, passion, anger, sin, judgment, blood of Jesus.

Green: Represents life, growth, prosperity.
Yellow:  Hope, a gift, something of value, illumination, Glory of God.

White: Purity, without blemish, without mixture.

What did you think about the meaning of shoes in a dream?

Were you surprised by it? 

Let us know what you think! Thanks!

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