Dreams And Visions!

& Christian Dream Interpretation

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Christian Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Interpretation

Did you know that God still speaks today? 

You may not realize it but He is speaking a lot to you through your dreams!  All throughout the bible God gave dreams to His people, and He STILL speaks this way today!

Have you ever wondered about why you have nightmares, or why you have dreams that your teeth are falling out?  
Also have you ever had any of these dreams:

Flying dreams
Having a baby dream
Dreams of always being late somewhere
Dreams of getting in a wreck, or having a flat tire
Dreams of someone dying
Dreams of spiders or snakes
Tornado Dreams
Earthquake Dreams
Dreams of going to the bathroom
Dreams of brushing your teeth
Dreams of flying an airplane
Going to the dentist or doctor in your dream
Dreams of taking a test

Believe it or not, these dreams have meaning!   

I will give you a few quick examples:

1. Tornado dreams: are warnings from God of a trial or stressful situation is coming down the road.   Or, that you are currently going through a trial or stressful situation.  They can also be symbolic of destruction that Satan would want to cause in your life.   Sometimes they are symbolic of judgement.

2. To have a dream of always being late: is God showing you that you are missing some divine appointments in your life,  or you are delaying some things that He is wanting you to do or start.  This could be a ministry or it could have something to do with your destiny!  

3. To dream of taking a test: can mean being spiritually promoted.  If you fail the test, you will need have to take the life lesson again until you pass it. Promotions can be financial promotions, spiritual promotions, ministry promotions and so on. 

So stop ignoring your dreams!  They are too important!

Here is a dream that I had with it's interpretation:

Dream #2, My Daughter shoots my attacker:

I dreamed that I was being attacked by a vicious creature.  I ran up these steps in my house to escape it.  The creature kept trying to get a hold of my feet as it was chasing me up the steps. I ran up to this room and slammed the door shut so it couldn't get in the door. All of a sudden I hear my 12 year old daughter grab a gun and shoot it dead with one bullet. I was so relieved when I heard her shoot it! I no longer had to hear it's disturbing growl! I then opened the door and looked down and saw it laying there dead on the floor. I looked up and I saw my daughter Brianna with the gun still in her hand. I told her how much I was so thankful for her shooting it! I then walked into a room where she was in, and I saw her bible wide open on a bed like she had just been reading it.


This dream is symbolizing spiritual warfare. The creature was a demonic force that was trying to come against our family. Brianna shot it dead, because she had power and authority over it. She was learning to use her power because she had just got done reading the bible. This is why I saw the bible open on her bed. The bible is powerful and it is still alive and active! 


At this time, I was teaching Brianna to start reading the word of God more. She went into her room and read it and couldn't stop reading it because she loved it!  God was showing me what was happening in her because of her reading the word of God.  This was a good reminder for our whole family. We all need to be staying in the word of God, because the word is so powerful! This was one of those dreams I will never forget.

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