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Christian Dream Interpretation:



Getting married, or getting married to a stranger:

If you are a woman and you see yourself getting married to a kind strange man, this can symbolize Christ. Same as a wedding dress dream. 
Christian Dream Interpretation Wedding

This is when He is giving a dream that is "symbolic" in nature and NOT "literal".

If you are single, then sometimes dreams like this can be "literal".  And a dream like this can be about a person you will, or may, marry in the future. (Remember, God mainly favors giving dreams that are full of symbolism, but sometimes He does speak "literally" also. Okay! This is how He was also many times in the Bible times. He would speak mainly in dreams through symbolism.)

You can get good at realizing when it perhaps literal and not symbolical. You can get there and keep learning with practice. And many times God will also help you with it if you keep asking Him to help you. 

But for the most part, many of these types of dreams are "symbolical" for Jesus and how He is coming soon for His bride (the church) Okay! 

So again, if the man is nice and kind (and you don't really know Him) many time this can symbolize Jesus! 

Thanks, and I hope that helps!