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Christian Dream Interpretation:



Water: Water symbolizes the word of God.
It also symbolizes the Holy Spirit, or sanctification.

(Biblical proof and more foundational support for the meaning to this type of dream):

Look up: 1 John 5:6, John 4:14, John 5:4, John 9:7

A Pool of Water: A pool can be symbolic of your church since God's presence is symbolic of water and "life". (The same can be for seeing a lake or also a pond.)

A church needs to emersed in God's presence and His spirit, just like being emersed in water.

Water is "life giving." And God is also "life giving" just like water! He is our source of life also! And we also NEED Him just like we NEED water. Make sense?
So a pool of water can be symbolic of a gathering place of people who are
trying to be in God's presence (and His spirit) and obtain His life. 

If the water is dirty, it can symbolize a "polluted" spiritual environment. Or, sometimes it will also represent a "polluted" doctrine. 

The water needs to be very clear and almost see through like! Make sense?

(Biblical proof, and more foundational support for the meaning to this type of dream (polluted):

Look up: 2 Chronicles 36:14,  Jeremiah 3:1, Jeremiah 3:2, 

Ezekiel 14:11


Side Note: (Picture above to the right with the dead fish, is a good example of "polluted water."
And God wants you to know that many times people are in "polluted water" and you may see that sometimes in your dreams. This means that the church or local ministry that you are attending is not doing so well, and they need more help. Make sense? They need more spiritual help, and they need God's help because they are not doing so well (and also maybe their doctrine is not so "Biblically sound." Okay)


Also, more on pools:

Pools can also be symbolic of going in the deeper things of God. (Especially if you see yourself swimming in the deep end.) 

The water in this case represents God's spirit also! Swimming in very shallow water can by symbolic of the need to go deeper in Him and in His presence. Okay! Thank you for reading this!  

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