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Dreams About Spiders


Spiders:  Can represent demons. Also they represent lies. 

Spiders spin webs to catch, so they will spin webs to lie to you and to catch you in their lies. They sometimes can represent an actual situation where you will encounter real spiders. I have seen this too before.

Seeing spiders in your dreams can also represent a time period in which the demonic realm (or the devil) is really trying to tempt you a lot in certain areas of your life. This is a good time to ask God to reveal to you areas in your life in which the demonic realm is trying to mess with you or cause you to do things you probably shouldn't be doing. 

Side note: Sometimes satan, our enemy, will give us nightmares about spiders (or even snakes) but these types of dreams will feel very scary or horrifying (and yucky).

But dreams from God that have spiders in them (or snakes) are to help us and warn us so that we will know ahead of time; or know what is going on in the present or current situations in our lives. They are to help guide us.

So usually these dreams from God do not feel as scary or terrifying like dreams that come from the dark side (I hope that helps some and makes sense). And like I said before, they do not feel as weird or as yucky feeling. They will not feel as bad and so on. 

(Biblical proof for the dream symbol spider (some foundational proof for this meaning):

Look up:  Job 8:14, Isaiah 59:5

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Dreams About Snakes:

Snakes: Snakes in dreams are never usually positive symbols in dreams. They usually always represent the dark world which is satan's kingdom. 

Rememeber, satan was a snake in the garden of Eden when he lied to Eve.

Snakes can represent: Lies, demons, and satan. Or, also darkness and such.

(Biblical proof, and more foundational support for the meaning of this type of dream):

Look up: Revelation 20:2, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Genesis 3:4


Dreams About Tornadoes

Have you ever had a dream about a tornado coming towards you, or right at you while in your car, or in a house? 

I know that I have many times! And after having dreams like this something later usually comes my way that is not so easy. Or it can feel very "stormy" in my life after seeing a dream like this. 

Toradoes in dreams can mean:  They can symbolize trials or trouble coming, or something that you are already going through. 

Sometimes depending on the dream, they can mean judgment, or a warning from God. They can also symbolize the presence of God (depending on the dream (like for instance, one time I had a dream of different rainbow colored tornadoes. And these tornadoes went after my enemy!

Dreams About Weddings, or Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress: To see yourself in a white wedding dress or trying one on, is symbolic of being the "bride of Christ", and getting ready for His return.

In the Bible, the church is compared to the bride of Christ!

(Biblical proof, and more foundational help for the meaning to these types of dreams):

Please look up: Revelation 19:9, Matthew 22:11, Matthew 22:2