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Many times can be symbolic for the demonic realm (or an underlying issue or problem since roaches like to "hide" and try not to be seen and so on.)

So seeing a roach in your dream is not necessarily a good thing...

So many times if you see this God is trying to warn you about how the demonic might be trying to get a "foothold" into your life through maybe sin and such (and temptation).

If you think about it, roaches in general are gross and "unclean" and such, and that is one of the reasons they are representing the demonic realm (and the temptation and sin they try to bring and tempt you with. Okay!)  So demons are also considered "unclean", and also so is the sin and temptation they bring many times. Like sexual perversion and such. Okay, make sense?  Okay thank you for reading this far (so far).  

So it is important to really think it over and examine your life and see what God is really trying to tell you for that season of your life. Okay.

And also make sure to pray about it. Pray that God would keep showing you the areas where satan (and the demonic realm) is trying to tempt you a lot and such. Okay! Make sense? God bless! (and I hope this helped some!)

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