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Christian Dream Interpretation:


Have you ever had a dream about a tornado coming towards you, or right at you while in your car, or in a house? 

I know that I have many times! And after having dreams like this something later usually comes my way that is not so easy. Or it can feel very "stormy" in my life after seeing a dream like this. 

Toradoes in dreams can mean:  They can symbolize trials or trouble coming, or something that you are already going through. 

Sometimes depending on the dream, they can mean judgment, or a warning from God. They can also symbolize the presence of God (depending on the dream (like for instance, one time I had a dream of different rainbow colored tornadoes. And these tornadoes went after my enemy!

More on Tornadoes...

One time I dreamed that a tornado came and picked me up in my car while I was driving. It had literally picked me and the car up!

I knew that because this happened, something was coming that would not be that easy. And that did come and happen, but God helped me and was with me the whole time! 
(To learn more about trials and tribulations in our lives, click here! (You will have to scroll down towards the bottom to see what I wrote on it)

-Many times God will use these dreams to warn us when something that, will feel kind of hard, will come our way. And sometimes it will cause our life to feel "stormy," "windy," and again, not so easy! 

-Sometimes you will see these types of dreams before a loved one (like a relative, or a distant relative), before they pass away.  Or, before something hard comes your way in general.

- Remember, life is not always easy; and when we get to Heaven, it will get MUCH easier! This we know! 
(And many times God will help us!)

-Sometimes these trials do come in our lives, but MANY times they also do go!
Just remember that MANY times these things do not last forever! Amen! And God is good!

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