Dreams And Visions!

& Christian Dream Interpretation

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Better Understand What God Is Speaking To You
at Night In Your Dreams! 

Christian Dream Interpretation Book!

(You will love it! Trust me on this!) 

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Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God

Learn how God speaks in your dreams! 

This book is full of great information on how to unlock the language of God in your dreams
God is speaking to you at night through your dreams, so please listen to them and pay attention more from now on! Okay!

With this book, you will have at your fingertips over 400 dream symbols from the dream symbol dictionary, all backed up by the bible! Yes! You will really enjoy this book and learn so much from it!

All these dream symbols came from my "years of experience" with dreaming and with God Himself (and also MUCH studying & researching and so on (and A LOT of "figuring out" over the years!) (And A lot of pure ONE HUNDRED PERCENT dedication to it!).

Also, be sure to know and understand that I did NOT copy these symbols on dreams from another "website" or from another "book," like some others may so happen to do (this can happen sometimes! So be aware and cautious of it! Be careful out there, Okay!) So basically I did not "reguritate" them. Okay!

These dream symbols in my "dream symbol dictionary" are not only backed up by the Bible (many ofthem), but are from my dedication to the art of studying and understanding dreams.

It is from A LOT of years of hard work (blood, sweat and tears. Trust me!)

And please understand that I ONLY say all of this so that you will have a really good understanding of just HOW MUCH this book can truly help you! (Please also make sure you check out my reviews on the book too on the "home page" of this website.)

So listen, for many years I have received around five to six dreams per night from God with solid messages from Him! Okay! (So yes, with MANY messages!) (I am really close to God, and I love Him so much and dearly! It has been my life's goal to be really close to God, Okay! Make sense? So I can GREATLY help you in understanding how He is speaking to you at night in your dreams! Okay! 

But, back to what I was saying,  I have always HAD to know, and understand what my dreams from God were trying to say (because I would get SO MANY every single night! Make sense?). So you have to trust me that you will want to "stick around" with me to learn much (and to grow much! Since I know God well (and how He speaks and such in dreams) and have MUCH to offer and give you since I dream SO MUCH also on a daily basis (and I HAVE to know them and understand them anyways!) So I can greatly help you! Make sense again? Okay, great! Lol! 

I have gotten very good at understanding all of this. Okay! It had to become like a full-time thing for me (or like a full-time job), and it is also a BIG part of my ministry calling and also my destiny! So that I can also turn around and help others with their dreams also! (Again, please understand I ONLY say all of this so that you can have a good understanding of HOW much I can help you (help you to learn and grow more in God, Okay!). I truly want people to learn and grow more, and become the people that they were meant to become in God, Okay! And I have so much that I can help you with and offer you, so that you will be well on your way to getting there! Alright! Thank you! :)  (And thank you for reading this so far!)

And also, when it is all said and done, it should start to make sense to you to call this website and ministry place of ours: "home" (it should feel like it for you here soon!) and to learn from this ministry, and the books, and the website (and also the classes and such that I have and teach (And also like the "Skype classes" and the other types of training that I provide. Okay!)  So I want you to feel "relaxed" and at home here, so that you will learn and grow even more! Okay! The sky's is the limit! Yes it is! So please keep learning and growing (and never stop! Because it is so important for your health, life, mental health, and your spiritual health also, okay!) 

And remember, God's voice is in your dreams many times in during the night hours!  If you do not understand your dreams, you could miss out on your destiny and calling that God has for you! Okay! And you do not want that to happen! God bless!

Thank you and again God bless you! 
-Christie Beckley

This is what you find in this book:

Chapter 1- Dream Introductory
Chapter 2- My Testimony With Dreams
Chapter 3- Using Godly Interpretation For Dreams Only
Chapter 4- Why Does God Use Symbolism?
Chapter 5- Journaling Your Dreams
Chapter 6- Nightmares
Chapter 7- Spiritual Warfare In Our Sleep
Chapter 8- Making Big Decisions
Chapter 9- What Can Stop Dreams From Coming?
Chapter10- Soul Realm Dreams
Chapter11- Visions
Chapter12- Other People In Our Dreams
Chapter13- Dreams and Visions Have Stipulations
Chapter14- Different Types of Dreams
Chapter15- Dream Examples
Chapter16- Dream Symbol Dictionary
Chapter17- Dreams God Has Given Me About America
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