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Sparkling Tub Restoration

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 1:40 AM

Sparkling Tub Restoration


(courtesy of

Your tub can sparkle again just like this picture!  I have years of Experience!

Let Me Put the Sparkle Back Into Your Tub Again!

Sparkling Tub Restoration/ & Spa Makeovers for Tubs and Stand up Showers


Are you tired of your tub or shower looking dull or lackluster?

Does it need to be brought back to life again?


Did you know that your tub can restored to new looking again; just like the day it looked when it was first installed?


Hello my name is Christie, and I can save you hundreds of dollars from replacing your tub, just by using my special cleaning techniques! I am able to make your tub or stand up shower look brand new again!


You will be amazed the outcome! 

There is no dirty tub that is too hard for me! 



P.S.  Remember, I can save you hundreds of dollars by not replacing your tub, and making your existing tub sparkle and shine again!



Tub Sparkling Restoration: $200.00  

Stand up Shower Restoration: $300.00

Side note: For extreme tub and shower cases, I may need to add on a fee of $100.00

Spa Make Overs for Tubs or Stand up Showers (or both):

Tub Restoration + Spa Makeover: $400.00

Stand up Shower Restoration + Spa Makeover: $500.00

Shower Insert Restoration + Spa Makeover: $500.00

I can give your Jet Tub a Spa Makeover! (check above for pricing)


Pampering Stations (For Stand up Showers):  I can give your stand up shower a pampering station. This is a place where you can sit down and pamper yourself and your feet while sitting down in your relaxing shower! For pampering station this is an extra $300.00

Other Types of Showers:

- Restoration for Showers that are not stand up showers, but have a tub and tile on shower walls:  $350.00 (To make Sparkly and New Again!)

- Restoration for Shower Inserts: $300.00 (To make Sparkly and New Again!)

If you do not see your type of shower or tub on here, please contact here, for more info on pricing. 



I can help your shower/tub insert sparkle again also like this picture below! ($300.00)

(Courtesy of

I can make your stand up shower look new again just like this shower! 
I can help the glass sparkle again!   ($300.00)

(Courtesy of the

If you are interested in having your Tub or Stand Up Shower restored and sparkle again,

please contact Christie Here.


I will travel across the nation to help with your tub and shower, so get scheduled in today! 

Fees for traveling over 40 miles from Louisville Kentucky:


40 - 100 miles: $50.00

100 - 200 miles: $100.00

200 - 300 miles: $150.00

300 - 400miles: $200.00

400 - 500 miles: $300.00

500 - 1,000 miles: $500.00

Click here if you are interested in your Tub, Shower, or Kitchen Sparkle like new again!

Or comment below in the comment box.

More Tub Examples:

Your Jet tub can look like this: ($200.00)

(courtesy of

I can also make your Claw Foot Tub sparkle new again like this!  ($200.00)

(courtesy of

Extra Service that I provide:

Kitchen Restoration!

I can bring life back into your Stainless Steel Fridge! I can make it look brand new again! 
I can also do the same for your kitchen stove and your kitchen sink! 

They will sparkle and shine like brand new again! 

Kitchen Restoration Package price: 

$400.00 For all three (Fridge, Stove, and Kitchen Sink) To look shiny and new again! 

I can make your Stainless Steel Fridge look like this again:

(courtesy of

Your Stove can also look new again! (Gas stoves and flat top stoves included) 

For flat top stoves: The burner areas will greatly improve and look new again! 

(courtesy of

I can make your sink look shiny and new again! 
I can also get rid of stubborn coffee stains! 

(courtesy of

Microwave Restoration Service:

I will make your microwave look shiny and new again! I will detail the inside of your microwave also! 

Microwave Shiny Restoration Service: $50.00

This can be your microwave again! Sparkling inside and out! 

Toilet Sparkling Restoration Service

For only $50.00, I can transform the exterior of your toilet to looking brand new again! 

I will detail the exterior of your toilet and also clean the inside of your toilet! 

Here is what your toilet can look like again! 
I can make it sparkle like new!

Please click here if you are interested in making your Tub, Shower, Toilet or Kitchen 
Sparkle all over again!

Or Comment below!

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