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Unlocking the Languange of God

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My name is Christie Beckley.

I have been a heavy dreamer for many years now. I get both dreams and visions from God (for many years and also on a regular basis still). I am married and have three children that God has GREATLY blessed me with.

With God's help, I have learned the skill of interpreting my dreams. You can learn the skill (this in the Bible), or have the gift. (Or also have both gift and skill. If this makes sense.)

I have been on this journey with God, and He has taught me (and has personally mentored me) in many things!

Ever since I gave up many things to be in full-time ministry for Him. He has taken me on this wild journey, and I have also grown SO close to Him. 

So that is why I do what I do now... because God has shown me so MANY things, and now I have to spread the word and also help other people in return! God has shown me this will be like a massive MOVEMENT that He wants to happen and also start! I am just trying to be obedient in all of this, and be a willing servant for God.

God is good! Yes, He is good!

Back to dreams and operating in the prophetic...

For years every night, I would receive at least five to six dreams per night! (Many, many nights for a very long time!) (S0 yes!  You read that right! FIVE to SIX dreams per night, every night!) 

So listen, since I was receiving SO MANY dreams and revelations SO FAST from God, I had to start figuring out REAL QUICK what they were meaning, and what He was trying to speak to me!

Sometimes He would show me what they meant, and other times He was okay with me figuring them out on my own (kind of like how we have to figure out Jesus's parables in the Bible and what they meant when He spoke them. Because His stories and parables were also VERY "symbolical" in nature just like how dreams can be also! Make sense? So it takes a certain understanding, (a time to figure them out for a while on what He was trying to say and such, and again, so you can relate also with how dreams can be also. Okay!) 

So for YEARS of studying, figuring out, researching, praying over, (and doing A LOT, and I do mean A LOT of figuring out, Lol!) ... this all led to me having to focus on all of this almost practically FULL-TIME!

It then got to a place where God showed me I had gotten REALLY good at it and He wanted me to start helping other people and such.

That is also why I wrote my first book: "Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God" And this book was written by me during the time I was first getting really good at it (kind of like in the beginning). And since then, I have come EVEN further, and cannot wait to write EVEN more books on the subject to help people even more! Also, I cannot wait until people read them, learn from them, and love them! Okay!

It is one of my biggest goals to get these books out there so that people will be able to learn from them; I want people to learn from them and realize how much God is trying to talk with them in their dreams at night. I want people to also grow VERY close to God because of it. Because they are finally realizing that they do have some type of connection to God all along (in some form or way. I hope that makes sense?). So anyways, it is my life's goal and journey (and my God-given purpose) to help those who are in need of getting help in this area (and also help people to grow closer to God by connecting with Him and hearing His voice better in their life).

I do this because I love it (honestly I do!).

And I couldn't see myself doing anything else! Really I couldn't!

So thank you for being a part of my journey and also this NEW movement from God! He has shown me one day soon it will be BIG because of my faithfulness to Him and also being completely obedient to Him in many things. (And also because He is really wanting people to start connecting with Him deeply by hearing His voice in their dreams, and also throughout the days hours too! (Yes, this is possible for you to accomplish, and you can get there, and get EVEN closer to God! Okay!) 

So thank you again for joining me in this!

God bless you! (and I love you in the love of the Lord!)

-Christie Beckley