Author of: Dreams and Visions,
Unlocking the Language of God 
Christian dream interpretation

School of the Prophetic
Understanding Your Dreams & Visions

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Hello, my name is Christie Beckley.

I am married and have three wonderful children that God has blessed me with!

After many years of dreaming and studying dreams, the Lord spoke to me and told me to write this book.  In this book, I have put over 60 dream examples from my own dream life.  Not only do I give you many of my dreams, but I give you their interpretation and their fulfillment.  Yes, that's right!  Many of them have already come true!

A little on my background...

When I was 5 years old I gave my heart to Jesus.  Ever since then I have pretty much been in ministry my whole life.  I grew up with a musical family and I was taught how to play the piano by ear.  Then I later met my husband who can sing.  God has put us together and has used us to do praise and worship together for many years.

I currently now teach people all over the world how to understand their dreams better. I also speak at dream interpretation conferences and workshops. 

Back to the book:

So here I am today with a book that He told me to write so that you could learn to hear His voice.  You too can learn to hear clearly from God.  He desires that you hear from Him. He loves you! Your creator loves you and is trying to speak to you.Will you listen to His voice?

My background of dreaming...

I have dreamed my entire life, but I did not understand half of them until God started teaching me that my dreams were from Him.  He showed me that they had meaning for my life.

I started to get more dreams in a certain season in my life when I was desperate to hear God's voice.  The dreams kept coming and coming.  I had to start writing them down eventually because they gradually came faster and faster! I also started noticing that many of them were coming true. Now I know how to hear clearly from God, instead of always wondering if I am in His perfect will. I have unlocked the language of God and I understand that He truly desires to speak to His children every day!

He longs for you to know that He even cares about the smallest things.

Whatever you care about or worry about, He knows it all!

I then started realizing that I was getting to know the Lord more and more through every dream, through every dream with instruction, every dream with affection, every dream with purpose for me, every dream that healed me.  I was starting to understand my creator, and I was learning His character!  It all lined up with what is in His written word, the Bible.

I have become the person I am today because of the dreams God gives me. I have matured more and have grown by leaps and bounds in my faith!  No one, absolutely no one will ever be able to shake my faith and tell me there is no God.  I can tell you without one single doubt that He is real!  He is more real than anything on this earth!

Anyone can have this relationship with the Lord Jesus. All you have to do is hunger for Him.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you....and He will! He is faithful!